Rates & Contracts

Energy retailers generally have two types of offers or contracts available to customers – market retail contracts (also known as market offers) and standard retail contracts (also known as standing offers). 

What is a Market Retail Contract?

Market retail contracts are electricity offers from Ampol Energy that may include additional benefits, which could be discounts or credits. The terms and conditions, including pricing, for a market offer are developed by Ampol Energy, within the framework of the energy laws, and are more tailored than those of a standard retail contract.

View our  market retail contract terms and conditions.

What is a Standard Retail Contract?

Our standard retail contract has terms and conditions set by the government. Standing offers are energy offers that all energy retailers are required to have available to their customers, and, unlike market offers, they do not include Ampol Energy specific benefits (which could be things like discounts or credits).

The rates on our standard retail contract will always comply with any reference or default price, which is set by the energy regulator.

View our  standard retail contract terms and conditions.

View our  standard retail contract rates.

If you’d like to find out more about the reference or default price, and what they mean for you, please visit our  frequently asked questions  or read more here.